PoJung Chen | Architecture of encounters - a kunsthalle
*Master Degree Project
Site : St. Louis, Missouri, US
Year : 2016 Spring
Professor : Angela Pang

The program of the project is a "Kunsthalle," a collection of spaces for exhibition, forum, and workshop purposes, which are defined by different compositional qualities of light, sound, material, scale, and interfaces between interior and exterior conditions.
Based on the idea of creating an architecture of encounters, rather than treating architecture as a vehicle of concepts or stories, the project aspires to emphasize the fact that the eventual product of architectural design is an accumulation of encounters, situations, and experiences that can hardly be fully controlled. It is the space itself rather than the concept that creates those encounters for people. To catalyze such encounters, the architect assumes the role of the first person to simultaneously experience and compose the encounter in the process of creation. Even one wall, in itself, is an element of composition that delimits space while opening up a particular set of possibilities of encounters in doing so.
In other words, this project is not driven by a singular conceptual premise (or driven by "non-concept" for that matter) but by a collection of moments that compose particular experiences but are left undefined programmatically - that are concerned with asking questions and provoking responses, but not answering them.

Master Thesis