PoJung Chen | Building as contour - a library for childrens books
Site : Riverside Park, New York, US
Year : 2015 Fall
Professor : Robert McCarter

This project is a library for children’s books proposed as an addition to the architect Louis Kahn and the sculptor Isamu Noguchi’s Adele Levy Memorial Playground proposal(unbuilt) in Riverside Park, on the Hudson River in New York. The project aspires to treat Architecture, landscape architecture, interior design as a single integrated discipline, and explore a methodology by developing concepts in three phases of the design process. At the beginning, a technic to create different qualities of “room” by overlapping space was explored, which came directly from the initial concept that by creating reading rooms of various qualities, children are attracted and motivated to explore the library as a playground. The design concept is then further developed by considering the datum of the site, the accessibility, the programs, the relationship with the city and the Levy’s Playground. The idea of overlapping spaces is also applied in larger scale. Two directional implicated spaces twisted and crossed with each other to guided but not controlled kids to circulate the building and therefore explore books as well as experience different qualities of space as we intended.