PoJung Chen | The Korean Strait
Type : Competition
Site : DMZ, Korea
Year : 2017
Team : Aylut Imer, Po-Jung Chen

We choose (intentionally misuse) the name “strait” because although it literally describes a different land condition, this thickening of the border is made possible conversely by a tightened sociality, a sharpened sensibility of the value in delaminating the physical and narrative realities that constitute the DMZ today. This project isn’t about removing the border (while perforating it, it’s also emphasized in some ways), or merely about connecting people (while it does that, architecture of the bath house is primarily about containment and release), it’s primarily about coexistence of alternate realities, side by side, feeding off of one another. We claim that in a world where qualities of the likes of smoothness, fluidity, or blurring have become automatic catchphrases for justifying design solutions, states of conflict, discontinuity, or friction still provide a latency for architectural intelligence to turn them into productive contradictions.